A (very brief!) review of the options:

If you have a uterus you need both oestrogen and progesterone, otherwise you can have just oestrogen.

There are patches and gels/sprays which provide oestrogen and these are thought to be safer options than oestrogen tablets.

Progesterone can be the hormone coil (usually called mirena) or tablets or can be combined in the patches.

If you are younger or still having regular periods you will probably need a preparation that gives you a monthly bleed still (oestrogen for half the month and then oestrogen and progesterone the other half).

Once you are older or have stopped periods for a while you can move to a 'no bleed' preparation.

In keeping with NICE guidance, we do not prescribe testosterone unless under the guidance of a specialist.

HRT does NOT provide contraception! Remember to ask about this if you still need to be protected.