A (very brief!) review of the options:

  • If you have a uterus you need both oestrogen and progesterone, otherwise you can have just oestrogen.
  • There are patches and gels/sprays which provide oestrogen and these are thought to be safer options than oestrogen tablets.
  • Progesterone can be the hormone coil (usually called mirena) or tablets or can be combined in the patches.
  • If you are younger or still having regular periods you will probably need a preparation that gives you a monthly bleed still (oestrogen for half the month and then oestrogen and progesterone the other half).
  • Once you are older or have stopped periods for a while you can move to a 'no bleed' preparation.
  • In keeping with NICE guidance, we do not prescribe testosterone unless under the guidance of a specialist.
  • HRT does NOT provide contraception! Remember to ask about this if you still need to be protected.
  • All our doctors and our physicians associates are fully up to date with HRT - you don't need to request a lady doctor.


New HRT pre payment certificate

From 1 April 2023, women prescribed HRT - the main treatment for menopause symptoms - will have access to a new scheme enabling access to a year’s worth of menopause prescription items for the cost of 2 single prescription charges (currently £18.70).

HRT prescription information

apply for HRT prepayment certificate from 1.04.23